Sunday, 9 February 2014

What should I drink today?

How much water that your body needs per day?  I live in a tropical climate which is warm and humid. So I drink water around 3 litre during the day. I never think about a quality of my drinking water which I bought from a shop until I found any information about alternative medicine last month. The facts are our body have acid because of many reason such as stressful, pollution, unhealthy foods, etc. So we should have food and drink which have alkalinity to balance our body and cooling down. This information is good for people who live in a warm climate like me.

After I have this information, I wonder how acid/ alkaline forming food/ drink water and a cup of coffee. I eager to know how pH level in the water that I drink. Start by set up an experiment using a simple pH paper. I test in every kind of water that I usually drink everyday. The result makes me change my behaviour to drinking.

Coffee test result : pH 5-6

A cup of coffee in every  morning is a good start for my brain. I have a coffee machine and use organic coffee from Suan Lahu Coffee in the Northern Thailand. Black coffee with sugar has pH 5 then I put some milk and test again. Coffee with milk is pH 6. I like coffee but  not be addicted so I can drink 1 cup of coffee with milk per day. 

Drinking water, I test 4 types of water, of which water from tap, drinking water, drinking water diluted with alkaline water and alkaline water. I purchased an alkaline water from an alternative medicine shop. The result shows that water from tap and drinking water are same pH level which is pH 6. For drinking water diluted with alkaline water is pH 9 and alkaline water is pH 12. No wonder that soft drink (dark colour) is the most acidity (pH 3). I put the result of the pH level in different kind on water at the board. 

This is not to say that you can't drink coffee or soft drink forever. The idea is balance acid and alkaline in your body using water or food because " you are what you eat." 

The pH level of each drink (from top to bottom)  : soft drink pH 3; black coffee (pH 5); black coffee with milk (pH 6); tap water (pH 6); drinking water (pH 6); drinking water diluted with alkaline water (pH 9);
and alkaline water (ph 12)

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